Last night, two of my students spoke at TED-X Moncton Youth. I am fortunate to interact with both Beth and Skye almost daily through This blog post focuses on SKYE who credits Current Generation as a contributor to helping her to discover and be confident in her super powers.

Skye Ables (grade 12) spoke about her journey as a “smart girl” going through the school system, hiding who she was inside, uncertain of her talents, trying to live up to social expectations both locally and in the media without any real female STEM role models. She talks about the moment she realized that she wanted to be an engineer, the moment she realized that she was acting as a role model for the next generation of young female engineers and urges us all to contribute positively to the education of females around the world. While it is true that globally, there is much work to do, locally, we still have a long way to go if we are going to be sustainable.

its 2019: Where are the girls?

The CBC did a little profile on each of the speakers.