Current Generation was born out inspiration to bring the transdisciplinary STEAM-based education to the rest of the world, convincing students that their creativity and hard work can make a difference now.

Ian Fogarty was involved with SHAD International starting in 2006. Elite students from all over Canada gather on a university campus for the month of July, where they have a transdisciplinary experience based on STEAM to solve real problems for real people. There were no tests and no grades. Ian was intrigued by the motivation of students to do authentic work on their summer break and how collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving helped contribute to the growth of global citizens.

Why should only elite students have such an experience? How can we incorporate SHAD themes in public schools.

Ian’s Science 12 class was fertile ground.

They presented legislation around Xenotransplants (’08-’10), tested the UNESCO Water project kits in preparation for their Global water initiative by measuring water quality in the UNESCO Biosphere (‘11) for their baseline data, ),developed solutions to stop Malaria (’13), made automated aquaponics greenhouse to grow seedlings for the local community garden (‘14), co-founding Engineering Brightness lights (‘15-’18). In progress is a BrightCase with Jane Goodall Foundation (’18), a Football Helmet that reduced secondary concussion injury (’19), and a Vap Detector that texts the principal.