Hailey and Maria from the Dominican Republic want to go to medical school so that they can return to their village and make a difference. But how are they going to study at night if there is no light? There are 1.3 Billion people who live in light poverty without access to clean light. When the sun sets, they have to choose to live in the dark, burn brush, kerosene, or candles; all of which have serious socio-economic, environmental and health effects.

Students learn electrical engineering and 3D design by creating individual use lights to be used by our global friends like Hailey and Maria who live in light poverty.

There are many entry points. You can duplicate our circuits and cases to make your own lights. You can use our circuit and design your own case or you can design your own complete light from scratch. 

Our Current Generation can Generate Current to make lights and generate a current of students addressing Light Poverty.

Masitek Solar Circuit

Grace’s Circuit