We believe that every student deserves a well trained, face to face teacher and mentor who knows each student as a unique human. Unfortunately, not every student has access to this kind of educational experience.

Our friend, Koen Timmers and many others, have been working hard at the Kakuma Project at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. They believe, as we do, that “All Students Deserve and Education”. But there is a serious lack of teachers. A second best solution to a well trained face to face teacher, is a whole group of over 300 teachers located around the world who are willing to deliver lessons by SKYPE to the refugees camp. Students have devices and Internet access. They do not have a reliable way to charge their devices.

The Innovation Lab Schools is an initiative where a mobile RV will travel to remote villages in Africa, delivering a tech enriched, interactive and connected lessons with the help of a face to face teacher. What happens when the RV departs a particular location? In addition to using our lights to help combat light Poverty in that area, how do they stay connected to the global community in between visits from the RV. They have devices and connectivity, but again, no reliable way to recharge their devices.
They have limited access to a solar powered Laptop Charger, but there is only 1 laptop for every ??? number of students. Many more are needed.

BrightCase is the RHS answer to this need.